The concept of polyjacking might sound complex, but at its core, it’s simple and highly effective. Atlas Mudjacking specializes in polyjacking concrete and is here to serve you in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. This process involves injecting high-density polyurethane foam beneath sunken or unlevel concrete slabs to raise and level them. This service is a key component in the comprehensive array of concrete solutions we offer our clients.

Polyjacking isn’t required for all concrete projects, but there are certain scenarios where it truly shines. For instance, when concrete surfaces will regularly interface with water—like boat ramps, lake piers, or pool decks—polyjacking is an excellent solution. Given the intrinsic properties of polyurethane foam, it offers a quick, long-lasting, and eco-friendly method to fix concrete issues where water is involved. 

Polyjacking Concrete: The Go-to Solution for Various Water-related Projects

One of the most distinctive strengths of polyjacking concrete is its ability to cater to a broad spectrum of projects that involve regular water exposure, from watersports and recreation settings to critical infrastructural systems. The unique properties of polyurethane foam, like its water resistance and durability, make it an ideal material for these types of applications. Let’s delve into the specific types of projects where polyjacking concrete really comes into its own.

Pool Decks

One of the most common water-related applications of polyjacking concrete is pool decks. These areas are frequently exposed to water, which can cause soil erosion and lead to an uneven deck. We can lift and level these decks thanks to polyurethane foam’s water resistance, ensuring a safe and aesthetically pleasing pool area.

Boat Ramps

Much like pool decks, boat ramps are continuously exposed to water, leading to potential soil erosion and consequent settling. We can employ polyurethane foam to lift and level boat ramps, ensuring safe and efficient boat launching and docking, even when the ramp is partially submerged in water, as is typically the case.

Dock Pilings

Over time, these critical structures supporting docks can experience shifting due to soil erosion. Polyjacking with polyurethane foam can provide an efficient solution, stabilizing and straightening dock pilings to ensure a secure and durable dock structure.


Common in lakes big and small around Wisconsin and crucial for safety, seawalls can gradually settle over time. This is because they constantly shield shorelines from the destructive effects of waves and flooding in a variety of weather and water conditions. This settling can compromise their effectiveness, but by utilizing polyjacking, we can elevate and stabilize these structures, even in underwater conditions.


These pivotal infrastructural systems are vital for water flow control, preventing flooding, and even generating power. Over time, though, dam walls and components can experience shifting or settling, leading to potential structural issues that must be addressed. Our polyurethane foam can stabilize and level dams, preserving their structural integrity and operational efficiency.

Bridge Approaches

Another infrastructural system that can be fortified by polyjacking is bridge approaches. Bridge approaches can fall victim to soil erosion, water damage, or other environmental factors, leading to unsettling. Our polyjacking services can efficiently lift and level bridge approaches, even those touching water, safeguarding vital transportation routes.

Water Treatment Facilities

Concrete structures in water treatment facilities are often exposed to varying water levels, affecting their stability. With polyjacking, we can ensure these structures remain level, enabling the optimal functioning of these essential facilities.

Storm Drains

Over time, storm drains can settle or shift due to soil erosion or water damage, leading to inefficient drainage or flooding. Polyjacking can correct these issues, ensuring proper stormwater management.

In all these projects, whether large or small scale, polyurethane foam is an effective and efficient solution for lifting and leveling concrete surfaces, even those continuously exposed to water. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, the foam stays unaffected by moisture, ensuring its stability and durability.

Factoring in Water Level, Quality, and Timing in Polyjacking Projects

Three key factors must be considered when implementing polyjacking concrete for water-related projects: water level, water quality, and project timing. The water level directly impacts the volume of foam needed, as water presence can affect the foam’s expansion rate. Additionally, water quality can influence the foam’s bonding ability with the concrete surface. For instance, water contaminated with oil or other substances could affect the foam’s performance.

Timing also plays a crucial role in polyjacking projects. Scheduling work during periods of stable water levels ensures the accuracy of foam placement and mitigates potential environmental impacts. These factors underline the precision and expertise needed to ensure a successful polyjacking project involving water.

Polyjacking Concrete for Commercial Contractors & Beyond

While commercial contractors can significantly benefit from our polyjacking services, this isn’t exclusive. Homeowners and private property owners can also reap the advantages of polyjacking concrete. Whether it’s a residential pool deck sagging or a private boat ramp needing leveling, our polyjacking services can restore these structures’ functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Choose Atlas Mudjacking for Polyjacking Concrete 

With Atlas Mudjacking’s expertise, polyjacking concrete becomes a reliable, sustainable solution for all your concrete projects involving water. Backed by our commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and our detailed understanding of polyurethane foam methods, we can handle all your polyjacking needs, no matter the project. Whether you’re a commercial contractor or a private property owner, we invite you to discover how our polyjacking services can help elevate your projects involving water. Contact Atlas Mudjacking today, and let’s start raising your expectations.