A home’s safety and aesthetic appeal often depend on minor details. One such detail is the health and level of concrete. Over time, concrete can sink, leading to a variety of problems. Most homeowners are aware of the trip hazards and unsightly cracks resulting from sinking concrete, but few recognize the more hidden danger – the unwanted pests that can invade. 

The Hidden World Beneath Sinking Concrete

Sinking concrete is more than just an eyesore. The concrete can create gaps, voids, and depressions as it settles. These small cavities become the ideal hiding and breeding grounds for pests like ants, centipedes, and even rodents. These pests not only become a nuisance but can also pose health risks and further damage your property.

A notable concern with settling concrete is the void it creates beneath the slab, offering a haven for creatures and insects. This space could become a refuge or a passageway for various animals. While this might go unnoticed in suburban settings, those residing in rural areas with purer air might detect unusual odors around their premises, hinting at the presence of animals beneath the concrete.

Signs of Animal Intrusion

Signs of animal intrusion due to sinking concrete can be diverse and revealing. Often, the first hint comes in the form of uneven or depressed concrete slab sections, indicating voids underneath where animals might nest or travel. You may also notice a series of holes or small entry points around the periphery of the concrete, signaling burrowing or digging. 

Sounds such as scratching, rustling, or even faint animal calls can emanate from beneath the concrete, especially during quiet times. Tracks or footprints near these depressions or mud trails leading to the entry points further confirm their presence. Lastly, an unexpected and unusual odor, a mix of musk and dampness, can suggest animal habitation or activity beneath the sunken concrete.

How Animals, Pests & Rodents Cause Sunken Concrete

Animals, pests, and rodents play a surprising role in causing sunken concrete. Burrowing animals, such as moles, gophers, and rats, dig tunnels beneath the ground in search of food or to create nesting sites. Over time, these underground passages compromise the soil supporting the concrete slab, creating voids beneath its surface. As the soil erodes from these voids, the structural integrity of the concrete above becomes vulnerable, often leading it to sink or collapse. 

Additionally, the presence of these pests increases moisture in the ground through their biological processes, further weakening the foundation. What begins as a minor burrowing activity can escalate into a significant structural problem, causing sunken concrete and potential safety hazards. For these reasons, it will be crucial to remove pests as soon as possible.

The Downside of Settling Water

Another significant consequence of sinking concrete is the accumulation of water. Depressions caused by settling can pool rainwater and runoff, providing an attractive habitat for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. This stagnant water becomes a breeding ground, escalating the pest problem exponentially. Moreover, the added moisture can attract pests such as termites, which are known for their love of damp environments and their ability to cause severe structural damage to homes. For these reasons, proper drainage is especially vital for concrete. An efficient yard drainage system safeguards your landscaping and contributes substantially to the durability of your concrete surfaces.

How Mudjacking Helps With Sinking Concrete

So, how can you protect your home from sinking concrete and the pests it attracts? Mudjacking, also known as concrete leveling, is a reliable and efficient method to restore the original position of sunken concrete slabs. Raising the concrete eliminates the gaps and depressions that pests find so inviting. This not only enhances your property’s safety and appearance, but also helps maintain a pest-free environment. For homeowners who seek a transparent and hassle-free solution, mudjacking offers a compelling answer.

Choose Atlas Mudjacking for Your Concrete Needs

A proactive approach to home maintenance is the best defense against unforeseen challenges. Immediately addressing sinking concrete can save you from potential trip hazards, aesthetic concerns, and the headache of pest infestations. Milwaukee homeowners rely on us to keep their homes safe, beautiful, and pest-free. Ready to take the first step? 

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