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Instead of spending excess time ripping out and re-pouring concrete, sidewalk mudjacking is used to repair damaged concrete in a more time-efficient and less expensive manner.

Milwaukee Mudjacking is a process where cement and soil, or conversely lime and water, is forced underneath a sagging concrete slab for the purpose of raising it up so it is in alignment with other structures.


It is easy to figure out when your sidewalk needs mudjacking. When a portion of your sidewalk has sunk in and is not completely crumbled, then it is time for mudjacking.


Cracked or caved-in sidewalk concrete is not only an eyesore, but also a hazard and a liability issue.


Mudjacking is difficult and usually requires a professional to asses the area and ensure that mudjacking can be used effectively. Also, a professional is needed to ensure that sewer pipes and other utilities will not be harmed.

For concrete sidewalk repair, residents turn to Atlas Mudjacking LLC. With more than 17 years of experience, Atlas Mudjacking knows just how to repair concrete .

Atlas Mudjacking is also proud to offer the kind of customer service that we would expect from a contractor at our own home.  The owner and operator, Jim Kosick, is your only point of contact. He personally answers the phone, schedules the appointments, shows up for the estimate, and is involved in all projects.

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